event management companies in Dubai

event management companies

event managementPreviously named “A to Z Conventions and Events”, entourage marketing & events Management was founded in Amman-Jordan in 2004. Since the only constant fact is “the change”, we have decided to establish ourselves here in the UAE. We have chosen Dubai to be our headquarters in order to be prepared for the new boom in Dubai’s returning market.
With extensive experience in both marketing & events, entourage was founded with a vision of providing the market with integrated, comprehensive and innovative solutions. This concept gives business owners the opportunity to outsource their marketing activities, assuring them that their activities are handled professional hands, and helping them in reducing their expenses. This concept has inspired us to come up with the name, entourage (which means the people around you), and we are the ones who are around you to help you develop customized, technology–enhanced approaches that are beyond traditional marketing solutions.
Being a multi- service provider, we believe that success needs detailed and results oriented. We, at Entourage, spend time and effort focusing on details and preparing for the best results.
Finally, when we say entourage is “indispensable to your business”, we really mean it. We don’t work to only plan, but we measure and refine our approach to ensure that our clients get the best resources, solutions and ideas that will suit their needs.