UNDP | Knowledge 4 All

The main objective for UNDP was to raise awareness about Knowledge4All initiatives and drive traffic globally to www.knowledge4all.org through PR and Social Media.

Entourage developed a creative content strategy aimed creating value for audiences along with intriguing, relatable content for digital platforms.

The new content strategy involving PR, Social and digital campaigns lead to gaining more than 30,000 new followers on Social channels and 100,000 new and unique website visitors.

social media undp-knowledge campaign
The Future of Knowledge campaign
Over 30,000 video views
in January, 2019
social media undp-knowledge campaign
The Knowledge Summit 2018 live coverage
1.9m impressions
Over 500,000 unique users reached
social media undp-knowledge campaign
Celebrating Knowledge for Sustainable Development conference
Video content by entourage was presented at UN HQ in New York