Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Middle East, the printing solutions provider, struggled to reach their target audience in the market. Entourage was tasked with remodelling the entire communication strategy to increase brand awareness and brand recall for Konica Minolta in the region.

Being a holistic communication agency, we revamped PR and Social Media Communication tactics to ensure that the Konica’s message reaches its target audience. Due to our efforts, we saw a 70% increase in fans and followers, 80% increase in engagement on social channels.

social media konica-minolta campaign
Gulf Print & Pack 2017
Over 4 Million users reached
25% engagement rate
social media konica-minolta campaign
Accurio Line Launch
332,154 impressions over
Over 50,000 web clicks
social media konica-minolta campaign
Eco-Vision Animation Series
500k impressions
20% engagement rate