World Government Summit 2017

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Prime Minister's office - UAE

World Government Summit 2017

advertising & event Management companies in Dubai Our mandate was to manage the 10,000 plus attendees of which a lot of them were VIPs, heads of state and ministers while the other half were heads of world’s most admired companies: UBER, Tesla, LinkedIn to name a few.

World Government Summit 2017

  Our collaborative and strategic approach ensured that the event of this magnitude was mapped out and tested in theoretical prototypes and simulations months before the actual event. The core team then proceeded to train registration, data entry, logistics management, delegate coordination staff in close collaboration with Prime Minister’s Office ensuring the highest standards of efficiency and privacy. Our design team implemented stand out themes to enliven the registration zones, showcasing WGS and PMO in the highest light. Leveraging in-depth planning, attention to details and passion for perfection, Dubai’s reputation was enhanced with a flawless execution throughout the three day event.    


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world government summit 2017


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