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Outsystems PR


Internationally known IT applications platform developer, OutSystems, had yet to break into the Middle East region. In order to position themselves as the right choice for IT application development, and competing with established developers such as SAP and Microsoft, OutSystems needed a PR plan that positions them as the optimal choice for enterprises and governments.


By assisting OutSystems in participating in the right conferences for visibility, and ensuring that their participations were highlighted through media coverage, we were able to help OutSystems take a huge step into the market. Constant feature article, opinion pieces and commentary on local IT events helped position OutSystem’s managers as thought leaders in the IT industry within the UAE.

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Public relations is an important tool that builds credibility through transparency and communication from companies and brands. At entourage marketing & events, we have assembled the strongest PR team in the UAE, which has both the experience of understanding traditional PR and built strong media relations over the years, and the young creative minds that bring an entirely new perspective of how PR can be utilized. Because of our deep understanding of the importance of PR, and the never-ending stream of ideas for PR stunts and campaigns, entourage marketing & events has proven its place in the top ten PR agencies in Dubai. Through research, through innovation and through strong writing skills, our communication through PR is of the most effective in the UAE.


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