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Brief: A Fortune 500 brand that is known for its pioneering spirit was on the lookout for a live experience partner who could match its high standards and vision. After all, we were looking to launch a product that was breaking the barriers of industry standards. Solution: we presented ideas that were anything but ordinary. How about driving a Lamborghini Aventador on the 10th floor of a five star hotel into the banquet hall, how about the biggest name in endurance driving behind the wheel, how about the global CEO of British Petroleum inviting trade partners to explore the innovative features of the new product – we collaborated with brand owners to make sure Castrol reputation was intact if not enhanced manifold. entourage marketing & events has built one of the most impressive profiles for corporate events in dubai, uae and the Middle East. With international clients such as Google and Coca Cola and regional ones such as damas, entourage marketing & events has positioned itself as a leading events agency and one of the top events agencies to design and execute corporate events, conferences, product launches and brand activation. With events that both entice and excite attendees, entourage marketing & events has became one of the top 5 event agency in the middleeast. entourage has built its credibility because not only does this event agencies in dubai dream up larger-than life ideas, but entourage also takes care of the event production from a-z. At entourage, our team combines practicality with creativity, because one cannot exist without the other.


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