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  entourage was established in 2009 and the head office is located in Dubai. Other branches were also established in Saudi Arabia and Jordan; We have rapidly grown to become one of the leading top 10 live communication agencies in the Middle East! entourage was a behind a lot of major and successful regional campaign/conference such as the Egyptian Tourism campaigns “Wahashtoona” and “Misr Orayba” which resulted in catapulting Egypt back into the tourism scene as Egypt has seen a 34% increase in tourism after the launch of the first campaign.  Dubai Department of Finance’s “Day Without Service Centres” Campaign embodies another example of a successful campaign that entourage has fully handled which consequently resulted in including the involvement of most of the government entities in Dubai. entourage marketing and events have been ranked as the top business enterprise in terms of performance by the Department of Economic Development’s DubaiSME100 index. entourage has also built its reputation based on its performance in partnership with multiple international, regional and local clients such as Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Discovery Networks International, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation, Misk Foundation and many more. entourage was built on the concept of live communication simply because it offers a wide array of marketing outlets, so it helps the strategy team not to push service into the brand or product; entourage services are :                                                    1. #Advertising & #media planning/buying  When it comes to advertising in Dubai, entourage marketing & events embarks on a journey of creativity that utilizes all the different kinds of advertising tools available in the UAE. event agencies in Saudi

Souq.com / White Friday

                                        2.Corporate #Events Planning, production and Management: entourage marketing & events have positioned itself as a leading events agency that competes with the biggest international agencies of the world. event management companies

Knowledge Summit 2018

                                                                                       3. #Branding The process of branding is one that we do not take lightly at entourage marketing & events. The inventiveness of our creative team definitely plays a pivotal role in the creation of brands event agencies in Saudi

Tasjeel branding

                                                                   4. #Public_Relations Public relations is an essential marketing tool that helps companies and brands build credibility and exposure through transparency and professional communication techniques. event management companies in saudi

Fatafeat Channel

  1. #Social_Media
The social media team happens to be the newest addition to the entourage family. In order to implement a fully integrated live communications campaign, social media should be taken into consideration and implemented strategically. event management companies in saudi arabia Discovery Networks
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