Nobel museum @Burj Khalifa

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Nobel museum @Burj Khalifa

Brief: as one of the best event agencies in Dubai, our role was to create widespread awareness of the Nobel Museum campaign hosted by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, drive traffic during the 30-day campaign, create engagement and raise the profile of MBRF as a knowledge leader in the Middle East.


Our integrated approach ( the best event agencies in Dubai to build  Nobel museum @Burj Khalifa) ensured flawless delivery of awareness campaign to highlight the first of its kind Nobel Museum exhibition in the Middle East. We left a strong impression on strategic outdoor and print space while presenting a strong project film on tv. Effective event planning and management ensured visitors had an unforgettable museum experience, right from the entrance to the exit. On-ground activations created by entourage provided a local context to the Nobel Museum, the highlight being the selfie seat featuring Alfred Nobel that became the most talked about creative element of the project. [caption id="attachment_1033" align="alignnone" width="650"]the best event agencies in Dubai the best event agencies in Dubai[/caption] the best event agencies in Dubai Overview

the best event agencies in Dubai

The Nobel Museum highlights the importance and stature of the prestigious Nobel Prize worldwide and the winners’ contributions that have influenced the world as we know it today. The museum allows visitors to get to know the details of the prize, the winners and their achievements. The museum reflects the excellence of Dubai in organizing and hosting quality events that stimulate creativity and innovation concepts in societies and offer great examples of success and determination for future generations. The museum is also an important knowledge resource and a central pillar of the Foundation’s pivotal role in the knowledge industry for it provides all the necessary elements to promote an attractive and supportive environment for innovation and innovators. The Foundation was the first Arab entity to sign an exclusive 10-year partnership agreement with the Nobel Global Foundation, with the aim of organizing the museum in several locations at local and regional levels.


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