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A strategic partnership with a client is about having the same goals, having trust and commitment to each other, to work together, and want to build a long-term relationship. entourage takes pride in building a strategic partnership approach in working together with our clients. We treat our clients as partners — we like being called “partner” instead of vendors because we consider it as a collaborative partnership where we are both mutually devoted towards a unanimous goal. We are not just the providers of regular marketing services, we are infused with our client’s brands, ethos and culture, which underpins the range of our services. We take a sense of ownership and pride in being a part of your team. The involvement of each team individual guarantees the success of any marketing project and it also ensures that your marketing requirements will be addressed with care, precision and quality. We build strategies, based on ideas that work, by incorporating unique approach and techniques including the use of latest technologies and solutions to meet your marketing objective — be it, driving more engagement, awareness, call to action, product or services launch, and lots more. During the Misr Oaryba advertising campaign, for example, when we added the hologram technology to the print advertisements that enabled the end-users to watch the TVC when they are passing by the street billboards. That’s not it! We execute such type of technology-enabled marketing campaigns on a daily, weekly and regular basis for all the events in the region for our client GOOGLE and YOUTUBE among others. From VR to AR, mixed reality, IoT (Internet of things) to google home technology we ensure to shape full experience journey for our clients and the end-users. Over the years, we have presented 3D mapping, hologram during numerous big and mega projects. During Sharjah international book fair 2011, for instance, we were the first one to mix the hologram with the 360 projection in 35 diameters customized dome. entourage- event agencies Riyadh In 2014, at the official launch of the Knowledge Summit by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF), we developed exclusive 3D mapping content for the event opening that hugely impressed the attendees. The Edge of Government, during the World Government Summit, provided an immersive experience, with visitors invited on a journey through a landscape of rapidly emerging and continuously evolving solutions. This summary should give you a flavour of how we impress our clients by building the right communication solutions to help them build their brands. It is not an exhaustive list of our capabilities – please feel free to reach us today and let us take to the journey of success filled with infinite astonishing possibilities.