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  Misr Orayba Campaign
entourage celebrated the success of the 2014 campaign ‘Misr Wahashtona’ which delivered outstanding results, with a strong 2015 the Middle East focused campaign titled ‘Misr Orayba’. ‘Misr Orayba’ is inspired by the insight that Egypt is close to every Arab heart, strong connections of language, customs and traditions apart, Egypt is in close proximity to the Arab countries. The campaign is a result of in-depth market research and media analysis which are the foundations of the marketing plan, and it will showcase Egypt across strategic media channels including television, outdoor, magazines, radio and digital advertising as well as social media platforms across 9 key source markets: KSA, UAE, GCC at large, Jordan and Lebanon apart from North African markets including Morocco. dubai advertising agency dubai advertising agency What was your big idea? State in one sentence: Creating a buzz around a popular Egyptian slang talk and directly reminding people to revisit the country they miss the most. dubai advertising agency dubai advertising agency How did you bring the idea to life? Explain your communications strategy and the rationale behind your channel choices: Two main terms drove every aspect of our approach, time and place. We started by creating a 3 phase campaign, starting from June and ending in November. Each phase is a unique theme that addresses the same objectives of the whole approach, however due to the limited budget, we had to allocate all expenditure towards one focused approach, hence, we choose advertising channels as our communication touch points, and due to the political unrest, there was no support from any other entity, especially that the tourism industry is a combination of many factors, including special deals and digital approaches. Bottom line, we were only relying on the communication messages of each campaign and we had to create a powerful message that will communicate our objectives very precisely. The communication strategy was formalized as the following: Awareness -> Reminder -> Action. A classical trio that relays heavily on the content of each communication.

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