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A Day without Service Centres

Dubai Department of Finance Launched and rolled out the initiative titled "A Day without Service Centres" to encourage customers to use smart channels to pay fees and complete transactions. More than 950 government services from 33 public entities and a number of private sector entities, in more than 100 governmental service centres in Dubai were only available via smart channels on October 26. To this end, transactions requiring payments at customer service centres operating in Dubai were stopped for one day. Advertising agencies in Dubai The objectives were to come up with a unique yet encouraging idea to reach out the masses, building mass awareness about the initiative, engaging and encourage public to use online payment facility, and building a strong pre-event awareness campaign to reduce footfall at customer care centres across various departments.   The Challenge: In line with the vision of Dubai’s leadership to convert all government online and ensuring that the last paper transaction takes place in 2021, we were entrusted to run an awareness campaign that introduced the concept of a day without physical service centres. The challenge was to inspire the ‘late adopters’ – those who are happy to do their paperwork and queue up to fulfil government payments. A broader marketing program was required to build consumer awareness and highlight the value and convenience offered by smart channels.  

Insight: Despite a positive uptake of app usage among Dubai residents, among leading government utility and transport apps, there remained slow. UAE had a high percentage of app usage – highest in the region, with an average of 5 app downloads per person, however only 14% used utility apps as opposed to 60 per cent for games. We knew how to get their attention!

Idea: A world puzzle on the cover, ahead of the day’s headline got our message noticed. And by having the attention of game fans, we threw a challenge at them to discover words which were related to the campaign. Subliminal messaging was at work they readers unravelled words like, ‘online’ ‘payment’, ‘fast’, ‘happy’, ‘easy’. The campaign signed off with the message that with online access and use of government service centres readers can save time for things they love, like solving a word puzzle. Advertising agencies in Dubai Outcome: entourage as one of the trustable advertising agencies in Dubai have provided a proactive, targeted marketing and communication campaign helped in informing public about the initiate and directed them to the right channel to make payments effectively. We had more than 50,000 readers engage with the campaign message directly and over 500,000 mentions (and counting) on social media about the puzzle, consideration of online service centres became the headline of the day.

advertising agencies in Dubai 

  • Customer care centres across various public offices recorded only about 10 per cent of the customers that it usually receives
  • More than 50,000 readers engage with the campaign message directly
  • Over 500,000 mentions (and counting) on social media about the puzzle
  • Number of key influencers were engaged on social media to advocate the campaign
  • become one of the top trending hashtags on social media
  • 100% positive media coverage
  • Generated PR Value of around Three (3) Million Dirham
  • 100% positive impression from news readers


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