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WHY entourage


entourage was established in 2009 and the head office is located in Dubai. Other branches were also established in Saudi Arabia and Jordan; We have rapidly grown to become one of the leading top 10 live communication agencies in the Middle East!

entourage was a behind a lot of major and successful regional campaign/conference such as the Egyptian Tourism campaigns “Wahashtoona” and “Misr Orayba” which resulted in catapulting Egypt back into the tourism scene as Egypt has seen a 34% increase in tourism after the launch of the first campaign.  Dubai Department of Finance’s “Day Without Service Centres” Campaign embodies another example of a successful campaign that entourage has fully handled which consequently resulted in including the involvement of most of the government entities in Dubai.

entourage marketing and events have been ranked as the top business enterprise in terms of performance by the Department of Economic Development’s DubaiSME100 index.

entourage has also built its reputation based on its performance in partnership with multiple international, regional and local clients such as Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Discovery Networks International, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation, Misk Foundation and many more.

entourage was built on the concept of live communication simply because it offers a wide array of marketing outlets, so it helps the strategy team not to push service into the brand or product; entourage services are :

                                                   1. #Advertising & #media planning/buying

 When it comes to advertising in Dubai, entourage marketing & events embarks on a journey of creativity that utilizes all the different kinds of advertising tools available in the UAE.

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Souq.com / White Friday


2.Corporate #Events Planning, production and Management:

entourage marketing & events have positioned itself as a leading events agency that competes with the biggest international agencies of the world.

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Knowledge Summit 2018


                                                                                     3. #Branding

The process of branding is one that we do not take lightly at entourage marketing & events. The inventiveness of our creative team definitely plays a pivotal role in the creation of brands

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Tasjeel branding



                                                               4. #Public_Relations

Public relations is an essential marketing tool that helps companies and brands build credibility and exposure through transparency and professional communication techniques.

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Fatafeat Channel


  1. #Social_Media

The social media team happens to be the newest addition to the entourage family. In order to implement a fully integrated live communications campaign, social media should be taken into consideration and implemented strategically.

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Discovery Networks

event management companies in saudi arabia,  event management companies in Dubai, event agencies in Saudi, 

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entourage TECH

A strategic partnership with a client is about having the same goals, having trust and commitment to each other, to work together, and want to build a long-term relationship. entourage takes pride in building a strategic partnership approach in working together with our clients. We treat our clients as partners — we like being called “partner” instead of vendors because we consider it as a collaborative partnership where we are both mutually devoted towards a unanimous goal. We are not just the providers of regular marketing services, we are infused with our client’s brands, ethos and culture, which underpins the range of our services. We take a sense of ownership and pride in being a part of your team.
The involvement of each team individual guarantees the success of any marketing project and it also ensures that your marketing requirements will be addressed with care, precision and quality. We build strategies, based on ideas that work, by incorporating unique approach and techniques including the use of latest technologies and solutions to meet your marketing objective — be it, driving more engagement, awareness, call to action, product or services launch, and lots more.
During the Misr Oaryba advertising campaign, for example, when we added the hologram technology to the print advertisements that enabled the end-users to watch the TVC when they are passing by the street billboards.
That’s not it! We execute such type of technology-enabled marketing campaigns on a daily, weekly and regular basis for all the events in the region for our client GOOGLE and YOUTUBE among others. From VR to AR, mixed reality, IoT (Internet of things) to google home technology we ensure to shape full experience journey for our clients and the end-users.
Over the years, we have presented 3D mapping, hologram during numerous big and mega projects. During Sharjah international book fair 2011, for instance, we were the first one to mix the hologram with the 360 projection in 35 diameters customized dome.

entourage- event agencies Riyadh

In 2014, at the official launch of the Knowledge Summit by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF), we developed exclusive 3D mapping content for the event opening that hugely impressed the attendees.

The Edge of Government, during the World Government Summit, provided an immersive experience, with visitors invited on a journey through a landscape of rapidly emerging and continuously evolving solutions.
This summary should give you a flavour of how we impress our clients by building the right communication solutions to help them build their brands.
It is not an exhaustive list of our capabilities – please feel free to reach us today and let us take to the journey of success filled with infinite astonishing possibilities.

GOOGLE brand experience

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Google – Live communication



As Middle East  event management companies in UAE of the most famous brand in the world, we are responsible for launching key projects in the region and among the GCC countries  ensuring Google stays ahead of the competition in every service category it ventures,


Behind the most talked-about projects like Think Travel, Think Video, Launch of Street View, Google@Lynx, Google@ATM, Google partners, Youtube, we are always two steps ahead leading the way for Google to present its credentials to different segments of businesses, industries and media. Our live communication projects for Google from branding, creative, events management, have been recognized at the Middle East Event Awards year after year.

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entourage marketing & events have built one of the most impressive profiles for corporate events in Dubai, UAE and the Middle East. With international clients such as Google and Coca-Cola and regional ones such as Damas, entourage marketing & events has positioned itself as a leading events agency and one of the top events agencies to design and execute corporate events, conferences, product launches and brand activation. With events that both entice and excite attendees, entourage marketing & events have become one of the top 5 event agency in the middle east. entourage has built its credibility because not only does this event agencies in Dubai dream up larger-than-life ideas, but entourage also takes care of the event production from a-z. At entourage, our team combines practicality with creativity, because one cannot exist without the other.


Google’s mission is to make the world’s information universally available and useful. MENA has enormous growth
potential and we are investing in MENA. All teams across the continent and around the world are working
closely together to ensure we deliver on our mission as a company. Google established an office in the UAE and
Egypt in 2007 and plans to grow that presence in the coming years.

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Misr Wahashtona advertising campaign

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Brief of Misr Wahashtoona campaign(Egyptian Tourism):

Egypt was struggling to bring back their tourism revenues for it is one of the main income generators of the country. Despite the challenging times Egypt was facing, entourage as one of the top 10 media agencies in Dubai successfully devised a multi-layered integrated marketing campaign with an emotional message that created instant resonance across the GCC region.  The campaign yielded almost immediate results as tourist arrivals have shot up nearly 70 per cent in the third quarter of 2014 compared with the same period in 2013. Arrivals in September increased 193 per cent compared with the same month in 2013, with 884,000 arrivals compared with 301,000. The message of the campaign mainly revolved around “missing Egypt” and it complemented perfectly with the holiday season. The campaign was strategically scattered across a variety of traditional and innovative media outlets. The results of the campaign were overwhelming and Egypt recovered strongly from the slow down it faced in the previous years and there was an unexpected tourist inflow. The campaign was widely appreciated and recognized as it was also acknowledged by the Conde Nast Traveler Awards and MENA Effie.

When it comes to advertising in Dubai, entourage marketing and events embarks on a journey of creativity that utilizes all the different advertising tools available in the Middle East. Whether we are designing a creative idea for a print advertisement or cultivating ideas to create an attractive outdoor advertisement that can successfully take over the streets of Dubai, we understand that in order to encourage and persuade our clients’ audience, we need to engage them. Entourage marketing and events have successfully positioned itself as one of the best communication agencies in the UAE and GCC as it offers advertising services by formulating thought-provoking ideas and fresh concepts. We are unafraid of experimenting and we highly support and implement originality.

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Misr Wahashtoona egypt travel


Media agencies in Dubai



















World Government Summit

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World Government Summit

Our mandate was to manage the 10,000 plus attendees from registration, and logistics management, of which a lot of them were VIPs, heads
of state and ministers while the other half were heads of world’s most admired companies:
UBER, Tesla, LinkedIn to name a few.

World Government Summit 2016-2018

Our collaborative and strategic approach ensured that the event of this magnitude was
mapped out and tested in theoretical prototypes and simulations months before the actual
event. The core team then proceeded to train registration, logistics management,
delegate coordination staff in close collaboration with Prime Minister’s Office ensuring the
highest standards of efficiency and privacy.
Our design team implemented stand out themes to enliven the registration zones, showcasing
WGS and PMO in the highest light. Leveraging in-depth planning, attention to details and
passion for perfection, Dubai’s reputation was enhanced with a flawless execution throughout
the three-day event.

Under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and ruler of Dubai, the fifth World Government Summit (WGS) 2017 kicked off on Sunday.
More than 4,000 prominent personalities from 139 countries are participating in the event, reflecting the leading stature of the summit on regional and international levels and the high interest from governments, global organizations.

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Mohammed Al-Gergawi, minister of Cabinet affairs and chairman of the WGS, said: “The Summit gathers together the largest international organizations with the most prominent technology firms, on a stage in front of 138 governments from all over the world. They will shape the future of the world and boost the readiness of governments across all sectors.”
“We believe that the tools to build the future are within our reach and we believe that making the best use of these tools will create a future that is suitable for our nations and the nations of the world,” he said.


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“The path is clear for a better, more stable and prosperous future and the greatest doorway to this path is cooperation between governments of the world and their organizations and entities, based on knowledge, innovation and science, which will lead to developing solutions for imminent challenges such as environmental sustainability, food security, social development and developing countries.”
Issues like the end of globalization, how technology is breaking borders, treating extremism and source of nuclear energy will be the key topics to be discussed during the WGS 2017.




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Yes It’s Jordan advertising campaign

Media agencies in Dubai

YES it’s Jordan

Brief: Reintroduce Jordan away from the disturbed region to ignite interest around the destination.

Solution: media agencies in dubai 
We focused on the other exciting side of Jordan that people never heard off and came up with a new positioning that answers people questions in 3 words, Yes it’s Jordan. Extended the campaign to all strategic channels across all GCC countries.

from strategy development, creative creation, storyboarding, production and post-production into media planning and buying adaptation.

Media agencies in Dubai

“Yes, it’s Jordan” is the new summer campaign tourism authorities are launching with catchy ads targeting nationals of Gulf countries and Jordanian expatriates there.

The campaign, which started in Dubai promotes the Kingdom as home to a variety of tourism products such as history and archaeology, adventure, natural attractions and modern life, 

the promotion campaign has two pillars — the first targeting Jordanians living in the Gulf region as it seeks to encourage them to spend their annual holidays in the Kingdom. 

“Expatriates take long holidays every year in the summer, and most of them tend to travel abroad, as cheap flight tickets are available in the domestic market by low-budget airlines,”

The second pillar, the official said, is targeting nationals of Gulf Arab states by running advertisements for three types of tourism products available in Jordan. 

“Ads and TV commercials will be launched soon on historical and archaeological sites, adventures such as Wadi Rum and Dana and other places, while the third part is to market Jordan as a modern destination for shoppers and leisure vacationers,

TV commercials broadcast on OSN TV entertainment network in addition to Al Arabiya and MBC1 channels, in addition to special reports on medical tourism and on products made in Jordan as well as entertainment facilities for children will be aired by these broadcasters. 

Ads featuring tourist attractions in the Kingdom are currently placed on taxis, buses and bridges in Dubai

The campaign also includes radio commercials in English, she said, adding that they feature a dialogue between a wife and her husband, in which she tells him that she booked a place for the vacation away from the hot weather but close by. 

The replies: “It is Jordan for sure”.

Photos in the campaign include a variety of places across the Kingdom, such as people enjoying the green landscape in Ajloun and adventures in Wadi Rum. 


Media agencies in Dubai Media agencies in Dubai

The Knowledge Summit

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Client: Mohammed Bin Rashid Foundation for Knowledge (MBRF):

 The Knowledge Summit – entourage- advertising & events management companies in Dubai,

Held for 5 years in a raw under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, and the directives of MBRF Chairman HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, five editions of Knowledge Summit was held in Dubai by Mohammed Bin Rashid Foundation for Knowledge

A worldwide summit, an award, a knowledge index and a UNDP portal, the Knowledge Summit is the largest event of its kind in the Middle East, organized from the scratch fully by entourage.

From planning to logistics supervision, speakers management to topics and agenda development, marketing communication strategy to advertising and media buying, event design and production, event production and management, needless to say, that it’s an achievement by itself to impress more than 12000 people were the audience in the world hosted by the summit. bringing the world leaders into one place from Gordon Brown, Princess Ghida, Steve Wozniak, National Geography CEO, Hugh Herr in addition to another 65 international and regional speakers.

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The Knowledge Summit  – entourage- advertising & events management companies in Dubai,dubai advertising agency

The Summit attracted more than 500 speakers from around the world since it’s started 2014, who presented new ideas, in addition to exchanging experiences and.

exploring best practices. The fourth edition of the Knowledge Summit hosted more than 12000 attendees from across the World.

From the inception of the First Knowledge Summit in 2014 to the success of the fifth edition of Knowledge Summit 2018 , entourage has always been a preferred partner of MBRF.

event management companies in Dubaidubai advertising agencyCommunicationsdubai advertising agency

In addition to event design, event development, event execution, event production and event management, entourage also handled communication strategy, advertising and media buying, which helped in attracting thousands of attendees and online spectators

The top ranked event management agency in Dubai has executed one of the most prestigious and distinctive events in the region.

event management companies in Dubai
event management companies in Dubai

Ultimately, entourage has proved to be the right partner to create and manage an astonishing event, resulting in another achievement to be added to entourage’s list of 2017 successful projects. entourage marketing and events managed and executed one of the most prestigious events in UAE and the Middle East and have set new benchmarks in the industry.

The Knowledge Summit 2017 – entourage- advertising & events management companies in Dubai

The top-ranked event management companies in Dubai

has executed one of the most prestigious and distinctive events in the region.


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Misr Orayba advertising campaign

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Misr Orayba Campaign


entourage celebrated the success of the 2014 campaign ‘Misr Wahashtona’ which delivered outstanding results, with a strong 2015 the Middle East focused campaign titled ‘Misr Orayba’.

‘Misr Orayba’ is inspired by the insight that Egypt is close to every Arab heart, strong connections of language, customs and traditions apart, Egypt is in close proximity to the Arab countries.

The campaign is a result of in-depth market research and media analysis which are the foundations of the marketing plan, and it will showcase Egypt across strategic media channels including television, outdoor, magazines, radio and digital advertising as well as social media platforms across 9 key source markets: KSA, UAE, GCC at large, Jordan and Lebanon apart from North African markets including Morocco.
dubai advertising agency

dubai advertising agency

What was your big idea? State in one sentence: Creating a buzz around a popular Egyptian slang talk and directly reminding people to revisit the country they miss
the most.
dubai advertising agency

dubai advertising agency

How did you bring the idea to life? Explain your communications strategy and the rationale behind your channel choices: Two main terms drove every aspect of our approach, time and place. We started by creating a 3 phase campaign, starting from June and ending in November. Each phase is a unique theme that addresses the same objectives of the whole approach, however due to the limited budget, we had to allocate all expenditure towards one focused approach, hence, we choose advertising channels as our communication touch points, and due to the political unrest, there was no support from any other entity, especially that the tourism industry is a combination of many factors, including special deals and digital approaches. Bottom line, we were only relying on the communication messages of each campaign and we had to create a powerful message that will communicate our objectives very precisely.
The communication strategy was formalized as the following: Awareness -> Reminder -> Action. A classical trio that relays heavily on the content of each communication.

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Digital Visual Media Forum- Saudi

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MISK Foundation


Shoof is an annual, youth-focused event that presents opportunities and inspirations in digital visual media. The event brought together the leading success stories from the visual media sector which in turn helped in informing the attendees with the latest trends, insights and ideas shaping social media. entourage as one of the leading event organizers in KSA managed the whole event with perfection. entourage managed all the aspects of the event ranging from the content creation, agenda development, event planning to manage logistics and promoting the event ( PR & Media ) adding to that all activation and onsite management.



entourage brought the leaders in the digital and visual world under one roof and made the event one of most successful events in the region that proves entourage as the right partner for organizing events in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Conference organising agencies in KSA

The fifth session of the digital visual media forum “Shoof 2017” was successfully held in Jeddah on Sunday, December 10, with over 2000 young attendees. As one of the initiatives by the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz “Misk” Foundation, the forum was organized to discuss the content industry in the virtual world and to interact with local and global social media figures and influencers.


The opening session was hosted by Will Scougal, Snapchat’s Head of Creative Strategy, to tackle the visual media revolution and how Snapchat develops a better ways of communication through Snapchat’s camera.


Many content developers, including Ibrahim Sarhan, Haifa Beseisso, Nayef Hamdan, Alia Alshamsi, and Selwan Elham, participated in a panel discussion titled “The Art of Creating Digital Stories” to share their experiences and the obstacles they faced in their journey towards success.  The famous Youtubers “Saudi Reporters,” the twins Abdullah and Abdulaziz Bakr, presented a video specially produced for “Shoof” forum.


In a short talk about “Visual for a Cause,” Dale Hudson, Associate Teaching Professor of Film and New Media at NYU in Abu Dhabi, discussed the visual reality technology and its opportunities. He explained that the emerging visual content trends revolve around story types attracted by the audience. Mr. Hattan Nasif, Vice President of Business Development at Midwam, participated in a short talk about the technology of VR and the impact of immersive experiences. He commented that this technology had become a fundamental platform to communicate with others.


The distinguished calligraphy artist, Karim Jabbari, presented a creative live show “Light from the heart” using light in virtual reality to draw calligraphic work. In a session about “Entertainment or awareness: How to balance your content,” well-known content developers such as Ibrahim Basha, Haitham, Areej Alkhurafi, and Omar Farooq discussed the significance of content and context in creating stories and how stories can balance between noble social values and fun to send a meaningful message to the society.