How to build an events calendar for your pavilion at Expo2020 Dubai?

Dubai Expo 2020 kicked off on October 1st with a magnanimous opening ceremony, attended by Royalty and artists from across the world, entertaining and celebrating the united platform for the world to come together, collaborate, share knowledge and discuss the most pressing issues collectively. It also a celebration of cultures and diversity of the different nations of the world.

At this larger-than-life event, all 192 countries will be putting their best foot forward, showcasing their strengths, innovations, futuristic outlook with robust event calendars and programming for 6 months. As we are looking at creating programming and agenda for countries, there are multiple elements and stakeholders that will come into play. Every country will have multiple participating regions, public and private sector sponsors and Ministerial and VIP visits during the show. Expo itself has multiple events planned where countries can be a part of the programming by nominating speakers, being part of panels on relevant subjects and much more.

The main theme of Expo 2020 is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future and the three main pillars are Opportunity, Mobility and Virtual Connectivity. Let’s look at creating an outline brief of how a calendar of events can be curated, unlocking the potential of countries on a world stage.

  • Dive deep into all regions and sectors of the country you are working with. Research on all initiatives introduced by the country, popular personalities, industries, artists, foreign investments in the country; basically, everything there is to know.
  • This research will allow you to align with expo themes and participate at expo led events, other than creating your programming calendar and agenda.
  • Map out subjects, topics, sectors, initiatives that need to be focused on. For example; sustainability is an essential topic being covered at Expo with multiple activations, including an entire week dedicated to the topic. Understand, how your pavilion can curate events for sustainability as well as participate in the events curated by expo.
  • Public & private sector companies play a vital role in shaping a country’s economic outlook; therefore, a calendar of events spread across the 6 months should be created focused on the different sectors with participation from public and private sector stalwarts.
  • Countries are bound by the cultural unanimity and diversity at the same time. Every region should ideally be bringing their cultural uniqueness to the world stage. Events can be curated based on food, music, performances, literature and much more, to show the length and depth of the country.
  • Since the start of the pandemic, most countries have been on lockdown with travel bans across the world. The expo comes at a great time, as countries are lifting the travel bans and allowing tourists to enter the country, subject they adhere to restrictions. Events can be curated highlighting eco-tourism, adventure tourism, business tourism, cultural tourism and much more.
  • Building an all-rounded events calendar requires a robust content strategy, aligning with the objectives of the country that will promote all the aspects and significant elements of the pavilion to bolster the position of the country and make it stand out at the world’s greatest show – Expo2020 Dubai.

An easier way to get your Expo 2020 participation executed in a stellar fashion, would be to contact us, and we will make it happen.