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The role of Brand activation for consumer engagement and awareness

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event management companies in Dubai

Have you ever tried to understand the reason behind buying a specific brand’s product? how did it become so reliable and loved?   When a new product is produced it is virtually unknown to the general public, but consumer engagement marketing activities and channels, like doing a memorable ad campaign, experiential launch events, creative branding campaigns, PR and different consumer engagement strategies, brands gain the acceptance of their respective products among their target consumers.   The process of making a brand well known and loved by consumers is called brand activation.  

Strategies for Consumer brand activations

The most crucial thing in brand building is to find a way to shift perceptions of potential consumers and create a real emotional engagement. All the marketing strategies and activities must enhance positivity of the brand in the consumer mind in order for them to become loyal customers and purchase their products event management companies in Dubai.  

Here are some strategies for implementing a consumer brand activation campaign:


Experiential Products Launch events

Live experiential product events help brands to position themselves into the consumers’ minds by appealing and emotionally engaging them in personal experience. These events not only give customers a chance to try the product, but it also enables them to ask questions about it to make them feel apart of the brand.  

Public Relations for brand activations

PR plays an important role in creating a positive perception for new brands and new products. For a brand to come into the limelight and be successful in the much saturated marketplace, it must be able to generate positive publicity in the media amongst other things.  

Powers of PR in Building Brands

* PR creates the environment for brand activation, brand exhibition, brand education and brand after sales-services. * PR helps to create brand understanding & education and also build customer loyalty to the brand. * PR shapes opinion, inspire action and change perspectives about brands. * PR in a way strategically helps the company to hold on to its brand promise, credibility and consistency.  

In store activations

In store marketing activations can help a customer choose one brand over another inside a brand’s store. It benefits to enhance the image of a brand or product and as well as the benefits associated with purchasing the product. There are different types of store marketing activations, a brand can be activated using point of purchase displays, appealing branding, attractive design, retail product launch that allow customer to experience and try a particular product.  


With the right strategies and expertise brand activations can shape the future and relevance of a brand.

event management companies in Dubai

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event management companies in Dubai